My 13 favourite foods from around the world

Food is my most favourite thing ever. My favourite weekends revolve around eating good food; and I’d go as far to say I like food more than I like most people…SOZ!!

Here are our favourite foods from our year around the world:

1. Massaman curry (Thailand)
My ultimate favourite Thai dish full of meaty potato-y goodness!

2. Pad Ka-prao (Thailand)
Literally translates to ‘fried Holy basil’ and is typically eaten with minced chicken or pork. It is delicious. And depending on where you eat it, it may blow the head off you with it’s spiciness!

3. Amok (Cambodia)
A Khmer coconutty curry made and served in banana leaves. It is similar to a Thai yellow curry and is typically served with fish. I loved it with chicken!

4. Bún chả (Vietnam)
The BEST food I ate in the whole of SE Asia. It is grilled pork patty’s served with rice noodles, salad and a dipping sauce. The more garlic you put in your bún chả the better! You will only find it in Hanoi and thanks to Vietnamese friends we made we ate it in the best little street food restaurant almost every night in Hanoi. The address is 12 Dinh Liet Street – do not miss it!

Bun Cha at Dinh Liet Street
Bun Cha at Dinh Liet Street

5. Egg coffee (Vietnam)
I’m not a massive fan of egg or coffee so I planned to avoid this. However, when Jonny couldn’t finish his due to the sweetness I had a little taste. Oh. My. Goodness. It was amazing! It’s more of a dessert than a drink with the egg taking up three quarters of the cup. It basically tastes like meringue mixture with a teeny coffee taste at the end. Another Hanoi delicacy!

Egg coffee in Hanoi
Egg coffee in Hanoi

6. Bánh mì (Vietnam)
Very basically a Vietnamese meat filled baguette. Doesn’t sound like much but it is a taste sensation! We found pork belly was the most popular meat served with a cucumber and carrot salad, Philadelphia cheese and chilli sauce. We ate one (and sometimes two!) a day when in Hoi An. Make sure you check out Phi Banh Mi for the best Banh Mi in Hoi An!

7. Pho (Vietnam)
Can you tell I absolutely loved Vietnamese cuisine? Pho Bo is just a Vietnamese noodle soup made with rice noodles and either chicken (ga) or beef (bo)! Check out Thuan Tinh Island cookery class when in Hoi An to learn how to make your own delicious Pho!

Pho Bo
Pho Bo

8. Ayam Betutu (Bali)
The best Balinese dish of spicy, seasoned steamed chicken (or duck) and rice. It is the most flavoursome dish! Three Monkeys in Ubud does an amazing version surrounded by beautiful rice fields.

9. Coconut Black Rice Pudding (Bali)
Rice pudding is one of my favourite desserts and coconut is one of my favourite flavours. So when I discovered coconut black rice pudding in Bali I was SO happy! It looks a bit like lumpy tar…but tastes flipping awesome!

10. Gili Gelato (Gili Islands)
The most creamy delicious ice cream ever!

Gili Gelato ice cream
Gili Gelato ice cream

11. A Hāngi dinner (New Zealand)
The traditional way for Maori people to cook was using heated rocks buried in an “oven” in the ground. We were treated to an unreal roast dinner at Rotorua’s Tamaki Maori village. This is a must try when in New Zealand!

12. Bunny Chow (South Africa)
A curry in a loaf! And no it does not include cute little bunny rabbits. This was brought to Durban in South Africa by the Indian community. We had the pleasure of being taken in by an Indian family in Durban who made us an authentic “bunny” on a few occasions. Such a simple idea yet so so tasty!

Bunny chow
Bunny chow

13. A Braai (South Africa)
Braai (or BBQ) culture is one of favourite things about SA. You can smell braai’s going almost every night during the summer months. I don’t think I had ever eaten as much meat in my life before I spent 3 months in South Africa. Boerewoers (South African sausage) and sosaties (meat on skewers) are a must for the braai!

Braai time!
Braai time!

I am always keen to try new dishes – what is your favourite dish from your home country or travels?

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  1. Oh man, you made me crave a massaman curry so badly!!! I’m in Guatemala and there isn’t any Thai food at all and I’m having withdrawals!

    1. 50 shades of freckles says: Reply

      I have made myself crave it too Laura so I’m currently making one for dinner! That’s a little disappointing for you but I hope there’s some tasty food in Guatemala 😋

  2. Joe says: Reply

    You like food more than you like most people huh? LOL, I can identify with that 😉 My favourite cuisine is Indian, and the best dish I had when I was over there was Chicken Hariyali. It’s a lot harder to get in the UK; if it was more widely available I’d have it every week!

    1. 50 shades of freckles says: Reply

      Ha ha haa yesss Joe! I have probably lost a few friends after writing that. I love Indian cuisine too. Just looked that dish up – sounds delish! Natalie 🙂

  3. Amy says: Reply

    I love this article as it stretches so far beyond pizza, spaghetti, steak and tiramisu! I always admire people who are willing to try it all…and love it!!

    1. 50 shades of freckles says: Reply

      Thanks Amy! Travelling has definitely made my taste buds expand 😋 Natalie x

  4. Taylor says: Reply

    My mouth is now watering…my favourite dish from my travels so far is papaya salad in Thailand, I’m slightly obsessed with it. There’s some new dishes on here that I’m definitely going to give a try when I’m in SE Asia next month!

  5. Taylor says: Reply

    My mouth is now watering…My favourite food from my travels so far is papaya salad in Thailand, I’m slightly obsessed with it. I’m definitely going to have to give some of these a try when I’m in SE Asia next month!

    1. 50 shades of freckles says: Reply

      Yes do Taylor – hope you like them as much as I did! I actually never tried papaya salad in the whole time I was in Thailand. Will definitely try it next time 🙂 Have a great time in SE Asia. Natalie x

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